Tired of opening and closing the gate on winter nights? These ranch-style automated gates can increase your comfort. With a touch of a button, you can operate your gate safely and easily from the comfort of your vehicle or home. These gates have many features and operate even during prolonged power outages.

Operating gates have long been available but their expense has limited their use to primarily commercial facilities. Recent improvements in technology have made the convenience and security of an operating gate available to many residential clients. More reliable than ever before, operating gates also offer many new wireless features.

We at Whitmore Fence have enjoyed working with MMI and Pro Access to develop the expertise in the installation of operating gates for the full range of needs: residential, commercial and industrial. Click on any of the video links below to see our gates in action (Note: some videos may take a moment to load).

Above is an existing double-cantilevered gate retrofitted with a Master-Slave Megaslide operating system. Note the double gates.

This is an example of a new commercial swing gate outfitted with a SafeGlide Swing Operator in a free exit situation. Note the single gate.

This video shows the pedestrian sensitivity safety features of the swing gate system. The gate used is similar to the one shown in the second video. Notice how the gate stops and reverses as it encounters resistance, making it both effective and safe.