Privacy fences come in a variety of forms, each of them specially-designed to offer you the greatest possible privacy in your backyard. Though styles vary, privacy fencing typically leaves no more than an inch of space between boards. Some, like ‘stockade’ or ‘solid’ fences, often leave none at all. The choice is up to you!

Like most of our fencing, privacy fencing permits a great deal of personalization. Consider alternating the sizes of boards, adding ‘dog-ear’ angled cuts, or scalloping the top line to create a bowed look. ‘Board-on-board’ privacy fencing alternates boards and gaps on both sides of the fence, creating an aesthetically-pleasing work for both you and your neighbors. With a few simple options, your fence can easily go from dull to eye-catcher!

Depending on the overall height, your privacy fence can also be an effective means of deer exclusion.